Buying a PC

Choosing a PC can be a very difficult decision. Computer and electronics stores are often full of computers and laptops that look the same but have different specifications. How do you know which is right for you?

This is where KIM Computers can help. If you only want a PC for browsing the Internet, sending Emails and doing a bit of word processing then any one will do and the choice may then come down to price only. The decision is harder if you have other ideas in mind: maybe Digital Photography, Film and Audio recordings or simply want something robust enough for your business accounting together with backup facilities.

At KIM Computers we will discuss your needs with you and then suggest a specification based on your expected use of the PC allowing scope for upgrading later.
You will be given a quotation for number of machines that all fit your needs and I will tell you which is the best buy.

After making your choice you PC is usually delivered to you in the week. At KIM Computing the difference is that when your PC is delivered it will be set up with the following installed at no extra charge.

  • AVG Internet Security

    • Anti-virus
    • Spam filter
    • Firewall
    • Scheduler
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Database Software
  • Presentations Software
  • Internet set up for your ISP / Broadband Provider
  • Email set up and tested
  • 12 month warranty (usually on-site)

The equipment I mainly sell is made by Fujitsu-Siemens. It is all extremely high quality and is definitely the best I have ever used. KIM has been providing Fujitsu equipment since 1999 and have lots of satisfied customers. Prices are very keen and are usually less than other main dealers such as Dell. You also get all the KIM extras noted above together with first class local service.

There are two kinds of equipment available: "Brand New" which needs no explanation and "Grade 2". Grade 2 equipment is equipment that for whatever reason has not sold and has been discounted. This can be anything from damaged packaging to a scuff mark on a case. All equipment is fully checked and tested and comes with the same 12 month warranty. Please read the detailed explanation of Grade 2 so you understand the quality control that goes into delivering these computers.
For my own needs I have always bought the Grade2 equipment and have always been delighted with the savings.