Bettine's Plays

Bettine's Plays

This website presents a professional and easy to use method of accessing all Bettines plays and books.

The site promotes Bettines plays and books and allows theatres and drama groups wishing to perform her plays to obtain a licence and scripts.

Extracts of Bettines books and plays can also be downloaded.

A number of features have been used to push the content and make it easy to find by both search engines and the public.

Two specialist content types of "Plays" and "Books" have been defined. This allows specific information to be categorised for each. e.g.) plays has special fields to note the actors required and their gender, the category of the play can be chosen and leading characters named. This all helps in promotion.

Both the books and the plays content allow a printer friendly display so that it is possible to list all Bettines works in a simply manner. Click here - List plays - to see an example of her plays..

RSS aggreation is used to display topical theatre news and both Bettines plays and books have their own RSS feeds allowing publishers to readily access her work. Click here - Plays Feed  - to see the plays RSS feed.

Events such as book signings, performances, rehearsals and anything else can be recorded and promoted on the front page.

The website also makes use of the usual CMS features and includes Google Analytics, and regular automatic sitemap submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo.