Bit of Bling - Jewellery

Bit Of Bling

Bit of Bling sells hand crafted jewellery made from precious and semi-precious materials. The website projects a clean and fresh style that compliments the many photos of the products. Most photographs have been taken against a white background to highlight the intricate colouring of the beads and stones used. The product photographs need to blend into the site without creating a cluttered look.

Some of Bit of Bling’s products are unique needing to be withdrawn from display after being sold. Others can be recreated and left on display. The inbuilt product management and stock control features are used to handle this.

The website comes complete with the following features:

  • A versatile product catalogue can be created with a hierarchal structure allowing customers to easily locate product sections. Products can be ‘stored’ in more than one category allowing the same item to be found in say handbags and bridal accessories.
  • In addition to a formal catalogue products can be tagged with relevant words and phrases when they are entered. This creates a useful structure allowing customers to shop for items containing “red” or “Christmas” or “Indian” etc. Using this method there is no limit to how you can classify your products.
  • Stock control is handled by reducing quantities as each item is sold. Each item also has an individual reorder level triggering an email to the shop manager when restocking is required
  • The administration area offers a variety of reports allowing you to quickly check sales figures and receipts by month, year, product etc.
  • Delivery charges can be set by destination, weight, or flat-rate. Like many on-line stores Bit-of-Bling prefers to include delivery charges in product costings and then offer Free delivery at the point of sale.
  • As customers place an order they are sent an official receipt and they are able to track the status of their order at any time on the website. The shop owner is also sent an email alerting them to the order.
  • Payments can be accepted by Google checkout and Paypal
  • All the regular website CMS features are also included in the e-commerce sites.
  • Customer Relationship Management is offered through the Redhen CRM system that is included as standard.