Dave Parker Services - Transport

Dave Parker Transport Services

This website describes the transport services available through Dave Parker Services.

Each service has its own page or set of pages allowing clear access to the information for readers and search engines.

Moving imagery was wanted throughout the site. To achieve this a specialist content type of "Scrolling-Image" has been defined. This allows a different set of images to be displayed on different sets of pages. The transition between the images is controlled by the website owner and the delay between image changes can be set for each set of scrolling images.

The service descriptions have use a book format so that readers can print off the details of all DPS transport services with a single click. See here - Services - for an example.

RSS aggreation is used to display topical Road and Trransport news.

The website also makes use of the usual CMS features and includes Google Analytics, and regular automatic sitemap submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo.