PC Users at home

Home Users

KIM Computers can bring computer skills into your home at a fraction of the cost of most other IT companies. The growth in demand for IT skills and the lack of affordable professional advice available to the home-based personal computer users has created a need that KIM Computers has decided to address.

So if you are mystified by what Personal Computing is all about and want to find an affordable way into getting on-line and up-to-date then call me today.

I can help with basic training for those who have never used a PC or emailed anyone or used the web before. If you buy your PC from me (see shop) then you will get initial training free anyway. (You will also get quite a bit of free public domain software installed). I will show you how to set up and receive email safely, explain how to browse the web and use search engines and directories effectively. In addition learn how to look after your PC by keeping the softaer upto date and knowing how to run simple diagnostic utilities and undersatnding your virus checking or Internet security software.

If you wishing to set up your own web site I can show you how to do it. Everything from getting a domain name and web space and hosting to creating and uploading your site. You might want to get started by advertising your business or services on Village Yak free of charge. Village Yak is a community site donated by KIM Computers for the use of the villages in East Kent.