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Imagine having your own fully functional website that with a little practice you can look after for yourself.

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 Yacht White Sands
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 Cleaning Insideout


Imagine having your own fully functional website that with a little practice you can look after for yourself. If you can use a word-processor then you can operate one of my websites. To start you can simply have a brochure site that displays text and images that you load. Other features such as running clubs and online forums you can include later as you learn more. Your website can also include many different types of theme layout and many different modules. All these modules (including e-commerce) are included in the price and will be available to you from the start even if you choose not to use them at first.


You will also need to buy a domain name and pay a hosting fee. The cost of domain names vary depending on what you want. Expect to pay around £20 for a domain name for two years. You can buy a domain name and point it to your new website. I can give you advice and help to do this or I can buy the domain name on your behalf. Website hosting can be as little as £5 per month if hosted with KIM Computers. The price depends on the size of your site and the amount of readers it attracts. Most customers choose to start small and then pay for more web space and support as their site becomes popular and they need more resources. This ensures you do not pay for more than you need. All KIM Computers web hosting includes email facilities.


Download an example user manual


Hosting and support is provided for only £10 per month
I collect this in advance for the 12 months starting when your website is live on the Internet.

After the first year the only fee will be a £120 annual hosting fee

Site includes: All software, SQL database, E-Mail accounts

All sites capable of integration with Google Adwords, RSS, Google Analytics, Twitter
An XML sitemap will be included for your website which will then be submitted automatically to GOOGLE and BING on a regular basis. You wil be able to add more direct submissions to other search engines if you wish.
Google Analytics is included as standard and will be monitored on the KIM Computers Google account unless you operate your own Google Analytics account.

Ubercart - eCommerce is also available if you need to add it later

Site development usually takes 2-3 weeks
During the development you will have Internet access to a pass-worded area that contains your new site so that you can monitor the progress.
The development cost includes the building of the one-off pages: (home page, contact page, terms & policies etc) and at least one page of every other type of page available on your site - for example events, product, services, blog, article, reviews etc.

You will be given training to demonstrate the creation, editing and deletion of your own website pages.
You will also be shown how to use the administration centre to manage the set up and look of your website together with monitoring its performance.
All websites are provided with a comprehensive user manual customised to your individual website - an you can download an example here.


All websites sold by KIM Computers are the property of the customer and are accessed through your own domain name which is registered to you. This ensures that any traffic you build is working for you and not the hosting company. KIM Computers web sites are an asset belonging to your company and should not be compared to the cheap offerings made by several hosting companies.

The cheap offerings do not have any bespoke features and are usually accessed on a sub-domain rather than your own company name.
e.g) www .mysite .hostingcompany .co.uk.

This means all your hard work in promoting your site is actually promoting your hosting company and your rankings and traffic will be lost if you switch company or grow to need a tailor-made website.


Download an example user manual