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…. looking back on my life a major turning point  was my last day at school. We were all in the main assembly hall being given our final address by the deputy head to prepare us for the world outside. He was a well built man with a heart of gold and a fearsome reputation, he was much loved and  had earned the respect of the whole school. As he spoke my mind drifted as I pondered all that the future might hold. Suddenly two words cut through the fog of my dreamworld - "Question everything" - the words seemed as loud as a thousand charging horses and resonated throughout my consciousness. I glanced towards the speaker to find he was looking straight at me. He said again "Question everything" and left his gaze with me for just long enough to drill his remarks home. It was as though he knew the special meaning that following the philosophy of those two words would hold for me. I have followed that advice ever since. It has protected me many times and constantly guides me - it is also the one thing that has got me into more trouble than I could ever have imagined ....

What I do

I am a highly motivated IT professional who has successfully managed the design and construction of E-Commerce applications. I teach Information Technology on behalf of The Manchester College who provide a great deal of training to the Prison Service. My teaching is mainly in the offender learning sphere but I also teach to small groups and individuals  privately. In addition I can source high quality PC equipment at very competitive prices which I then deliver fully set up and ready to be used. KIM Computers can provide Internet hosting, domain names and email. Web sites can be written very quickly using te 'Drupal' CMS (content management system) allowing excellent content management and blogging facilities

About Me

Living on the White Cliffs near to Dover just a couple of hundred yards away from the the Old Saxon Shore Way you can guess I am into rural activities. It's just so relaxing watching the countryside going about its business. You could probably also guess that I frequently enjoy walking, running, and cycling. Although the hills around here are a bit unforgiving! You will find me most Wednesdays at the Rose & Crown at Lyminge where good beer, food and live Jazz is to be found. And if you are in the area on a Thursday then traditional/light modern Jazz can be enjoyed at the Grand Hotel on the Leas at Folkestone. Not a bad life really! I also can't get enough holidays in Greece and would love to play an instrument but cannot find enough time! My desirable Gibson electric guitar remains gathering dust after many a fruitless attempt to learn as does my equally difficult but nonetheless top quality acoustic - I just don't seem to have the fingers for it. I think therefore I need to blow not pluck - anyone got a redundant saxaphone for swaps?

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e-Shops and other software. I can supply bespoke e-commerce packages that precisely meet your needs and can be made very flexible to change as your business changes. The content management aspects are provided using the tried and tested Drupal open-source products. The vast array of modules means that you are almost guaranteed to find the features you would like. The e-commerce is provided by the Ubercart program. This is once again an open source product that has an excellent reputation. After using Drupal e-commerce and then including Ubercart I quickly saw that the Drupal/Ubercart solution provides a very professional solution at a ridiculously small price! The software includes all the payment security and technical know-how you need and links to most banking providers. A single store (database and shopping cart mechanism) can be given several different designs allowing you to choose a look for the season or allowing customers to make their own preferences from a range you have provided.
Customer research. Full tracking is included in all products giving all the usual visitor statistics.
Technical Considerations. Search engine algorithms are constantly improving to filter out results so that web pages can be better analysed. This impacts greatly on how a site is developed. I take care during the development to ensure that search engines can follow all links and that any dynamic techniques employed do not inhibit the search engines ability to index any optimised text.

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